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Bylaw Amendment Notices

The Province of BC has introduced significant changes to the Local Government Act (The Act) that PROHIBIT regional districts from holding public hearings when a proposed zoning amendment application is consistent with an Official Community Plan (OCP) and when the residential portion of the development accounts for 50% or more of the total development area.  In these circumstances, the RDEK will provide a notice under the requirements of The Act prior to the Board Meeting when the application will be considered.  These Notices will be listed below under the "Bylaw Amendment Notices - Not Requiring Public Hearing" section.

Public hearings will still be required when proposed amendment applications are not consistent with an existing OCP or do not meet the 50% residential coverage guidelines listed above.  These notices will be posted prior to the Public Hearing under the requirements of The Act and will be listed below under the "Bylaw Amendment Public Hearing Notices" section.

Both types of notices under The Act identify the timing of when the RDEK can accept written submissions from the public on the proposed bylaw amendment. 

Bylaw Amendment PUBLIC HEARING Notices
Bylaw Amendment Notices - NOT Requiring Public Hearing
Short-Term Rental Temporary Use Permit Applications
Permits Under Staff Delegated Consideration:
Permits Under RDEK Board Consideration:

RDEK Board of Directors is considering the following applications for a Short-Term Rental Temporary Use Permit linked below. The applications propose a permit term of three years, expiring on March 8, 2027. The Board will consider the proposed Permit at its meeting on March 8, 2024.

Click on Permit No. to open Notice:

Temporary Use Permits / Notices of Intent:
  • No other Notices of Intent at this time
Other Upcoming Meetings:
  • No other meetings scheduled at this time

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