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Electoral Area F Volunteer of the Year Recognized

Electoral Area F Volunteer of the Year Recognized

Electoral Area F Volunteer of the Year Honoured

Tex Deagnon has been officially recognized as the 2022 Electoral Area F Volunteer of the Year.

“Tex has been a tireless and enthusiastic volunteer, visionary and advocate for the community and residents of Fairmont Hot Springs. His commitment to serving our area has bettered the lives of all that work and play here in the Columbia Valley,” says RDEK Electoral Area F Director Susan Clovechok.

Deagnon served as President of the Fairmont Community Association for the years 2013 to 2019. He recently stepped down from his position as President but remains active in the Association as a Past President. He has many accomplishments from his time there and his efforts have resulted in a community of highly engaged residents involved in programs like Wildsafe and FireSmart. Working with the RDEK, RCMP and MOTI he championed several community safety measures including Citizens on Patrol, and highway speed reductions through the community. 

Deagnon has been a key volunteer with the local Fairmont and District Lions Club. His volunteer efforts were instrumental in developing and maintaining Wilder Memorial Park in Fairmont. He was also the lead person on the semi-annual Lions Club Garage Sale, a major fundraising event in the community. 

Tex continues his volunteer services to the broader Columbia Valley by serving as a director and key operating person at the Columbia Valley Airport Society (CVAS), a non-profit society providing critical air services to users including medical transportation and wildfire containment services. Recently, he also received the honour of being inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame for his time flying high as a Red Knight in the early sixties.

Director Clovechok formally recognized Deagnon at the Fairmont Community Association Annual General Meeting on September 3, 2022.

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