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Elko Fire Recruitment Drive a Big Success

The momentum continues to build in Elko as the RDEK works to establish a new fire service for the community this fall.

“We had a fantastic response to the Volunteer Recruitment drive, which just wrapped up,” says RDEK South Country Fire Chief Dave Boreen. “In total, we received 37 applications and we will begin training the new recruits within the next few weeks. I am so encouraged by the number of people who are interested in joining the new department and being part of our team.”

As part of the Recruitment Drive, the RDEK hosted a community dinner and information session, a second open house, and did a door-to-door campaign with members of the community and Jaffray and Baynes Lake Fire Departments.  “I’d like to thank the volunteers from our other South Country Fire Service departments, the RDEK staff, and the community who assisted with the Recruitment Drive. It was a huge success and we could not have done it without everyone’s involvement.”

The new Elko Fire Department is still in the early stages of development. In order to move forward with the service, the RDEK needed to have enough committed volunteers. “Now that we have a good pool of interested volunteers, we can turn our attention to the next steps in the process,” adds Boreen.

Once the budget has been adopted this week, the RDEK will begin the process of ordering the required equipment and constructing a new fire hall.

Until all of these pieces are in place, there is no fire protection in Elko. The RDEK hopes to have the fire protection service established in the fall of 2015.