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Emergency Crews Respond Following Alarm at Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena Friday

Emergency crews responded to the Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena Friday evening in response to an ammonia alarm inside the refrigeration plant.

“We have an emergency response plan that was immediately activated, the building was cleared and the fire department and chief engineer assessed the source of the alarm,” explains RDEK Environmental Services Manager Kevin Paterson. 

There was one minute to play in a Columbia Valley Rockies game when the alarm went off and the building was evacuated.  

“We have an emergency response plan that lays out our response any time we have an alarm. Our staff and emergency responders did an excellent job of following the plan, activating the emergency response, clearing the building, determining the cause of the alarm and working to safely remedy it,” adds Paterson.

Upon further investigation, it was determined there was a small leak contained within the heat floor component inside the refrigeration plant. “The RDEK’s refrigeration contractor is on site today to undertake the repair,” says Paterson.

The arena will be closed for a short period of time this afternoon while the contractor completes their work; however, is expected to reopen later today. 

The Columbia Valley Rockies have rescheduled the final minute of their game for Sunday afternoon.

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