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Essential Water Use Only on Moyie Water System as RDEK Tries to Isolate Possible Leak

Users on the Moyie Water System are being asked to limit their water use to essential uses only as the RDEK works to identify the cause of significant water loss within the system.

“We are currently dealing with an unknown and substantial water loss within the water system and are trying to isolate the cause of the water loss, which may be a large leak,” says Engineering Services Manager, Brian Funke.  “At this time, the water is flowing out faster than the pumps can keep up and the reservoir cannot refill fast enough.”

As a result, users on the system are being asked to limit all non-essential indoor and outdoor water use, including no outdoor watering, washing of vehicles or filling of hot tubs. “This will help maintain the reservoir level for all users and ensure everyone has the water they need as we work to identify the cause of the problem and complete required repairs,” adds Funke.

Starting at 9:00am today (Wednesday), there will be isolated one to two hour service interruptions in different zones of the water system as operators try to narrow down the source of the leak. Residents are encouraged to store water ahead of time for essential use.

In addition, if anyone hears the sound of rushing water or sees pooling water on the ground in the Moyie Water System Service Area, they are asked to report it to the RDEK’s Engineering Services Department.