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Evacuation Alert Issued South of Plumbob Mountain

With recommendations from the BC Wildfire Service, the RDEK has issued an Evacuation Alert for four properties as well as the Caven/Gold Creek Recreation Site south of Plumbob Mountain at 5:30 pm, Sunday August 15.

“An Evacuation Alert is intended to give people time to prepare themselves so that they are ready to leave immediately if an Evacuation Order is issued,” explains East Kootenay Regional Emergency Operation Centre Information Officer, Nathan Siemens.

People within the Evacuation Alert area are encouraged to prepare now:

  • Make a family reunification plan
  • Gather important items such as medications, insurance documents, valuables, supplies for children and pets, and other important items
  • Monitor www.bcwildfire.ca and join the RDEK’s email list at [url=http://www.rdek.bc.ca]http://www.rdek.bc.ca[/url]

“If residents have RV trailers or boats in the Alert area, now is the time to move them. If an Evacuation Order needs to be issued, the priority is getting people out, and RVs and boats will be left behind at that point,” explains Siemens.

Residents with livestock or large animals are encouraged to take steps now to find a place to relocate their animals.

“We need to stress that at this time, we have only issued an Alert and now is the time to take steps to be prepared,” adds Siemens.

According to BC Wildfire Service 2 Initial Attack Crews have been working on the fire Sunday afternoon with ten more personnel en route. Four pieces of heavy equipment are on site assisting with controln efforts along with two helicopters that are bucketing the fire and skimmer groups that are supporting with retardant.

The Regional Emergency Operations Centre has been activated and an information line set up at 250-426-2188 or toll free 1-855-346-2188.

For more information on the stages of evacuation and tips on how to prepare in the event of emergencies, visit [url=http://www.rdek.bc.ca]http://www.rdek.bc.ca[/url].