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Evacuation Alert Partially RESCINDED for Bill Nye Mountain Fire

As BC Wildfire Service crews continue to make progress on the Bill Nye Mountain fire, a portion of the Evacuation Alert that was issued on July 17 has been rescinded. As of 4:00 pm August 10 thirteen properties along the west and south aspects of the fire boundary will no longer be under an Evacuation Alert. The Evacuation Alert remains in place for forty properties around the Lazy Lake area at this time.  

“With the favourable weather and continued work of the crews, the BC Wildfire Service feel it is safe to lift the Alert for these thirteen properties” says Regional Emergency Operations Centre  Information Officer Nathan Siemens. “We are grateful to all the women and men on the front lines and behind the scenes who have been working to protect the residents and their properties.”  

The Area Restriction for the vicinity of the Bill Nye Mountain fire is still in effect, reflecting the need to protect the public in areas where fire suppression activities are ongoing. While travel on Wildhorse Forest Service Road is permitted, access to Lazy Lake Recreation Site is prohibited at this time. To view the map of the Area Restriction please visit www.bcwildfire.ca.

The Bill Nye Mountain fire is currently estimated to be 2,990 hectares in size and originated 7 km southeast of Wasa.

Although a portion of the alert has been rescinded, Siemens says it’s still important for all residents in the region to remain aware and prepared. “We have received some rain in different parts of the region; however, conditions remain extremely dry and we all need to continue to stay prepared and aware as we still have a lot of summer left in spite of the cooler conditions this week.”

The Rescind and Evacuation Alert along with the corresponding maps can be found on the Evacuations and Alerts page under Emergency Information on  www.rdek.bc.ca.