Fairmont and Windermere Fire Add New Truck to Firefighting Arsenal

A new piece of specialized equipment has just been added to the Fairmont and Windermere Fire Departments’ firefighting arsenal.

The 75-foot ladder truck has just arrived in Windermere and Columbia Valley Rural Fire & Rescue Service Chief Jim Miller says it will be a tremendous benefit to the area. “We will now able to properly reach two, three and four story buildings, which we have a number of.  Plus, there will be a huge benefit on regular structure fires as having an elevated water stream will minimize the risk to our firefighters by giving them the ability to stay off of roofs while ventilating and dealing with chimney fires.”

The ladder truck, which was purchased from Leduc Country Fire Department, will require extensive training prior to being able to be put into use.  Miller expects it will take approximately a month to complete the training for members of both departments.

“This is a big day for our communities. It is exciting to have this advanced equipment available to protect our residents and visitors during fires and rescues,” adds Miller. “Beyond that, the additional layer of safety this truck provides for my firefighters is huge.”

The truck will be housed at the Windermere Fire Department and is being shared between Windermere and Fairmont. Training is expected to begin within the next few weeks.