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Firefighters Respond to Fire at Tie Lake Transfer Station

Firefighters Respond to Fire at Tie Lake Transfer Station

Members of the Jaffray Fire Department are currently responding to a fire at the Tie Lake Transfer Station.

“The fire broke out in one of the metal piles on site and our crew will remain on scene until it has been fully extinguished and cooled,” says Elk Valley & South Country Rural Fire & Rescue Chief Michael Hockley. 

Although the transfer station itself remains open, residents are asked to stay well back from the emergency vehicles and responders in the affected area. “While the transfer station is open, it would be helpful for people to avoid the site if possible for the next few hours.  If you don’t need to drop off your garbage this afternoon, we’d ask you wait until this evening to avoid additional congestion at the site,” adds Hockley.

Six firefighters from the Jaffray Department along with three pieces of apparatus responded to the call and are expected to be on site for much of the afternoon.

The cause of the fire is not known at this time.