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Galloway Lands Proposal Expected to be Back Before RDEK Board in May

A proposal to rezone property for subdivision and development in Electoral Area A adjacent to Fernie Alpine Resort is expected to come back before the RDEK Board next month.

Bylaws 3102 and 3103 would amend the Official Community Plan and zoning designation of multiple properties, known as the Galloway Lands, to permit increased residential development. 

“In January, the Board asked the applicant to provide additional information in order to better consider the impact of the proposed development,” says RDEK Vice Chair Susan Clovechok. “Additional information was provided to the RDEK at the end of March and, given the previous delay in January, the Board has asked that the Bylaws be prioritized for processing with a goal of bringing them and the additional information to the May meeting.”

While the Bylaws originally had been anticipated to come back for consideration at the June Board Meetings, some Directors expressed concern about the potential impact the additional month could have on the timing of other steps in the process and voted 9-6 in favour of asking staff to have it ready for consideration in May. Directors Clovechok, McKerracher, Pratt, Reinhardt, Sosnowski, Sterzer, Walter, Wilks and Alternate Director Popoff (Cranbrook) voted in favour. Directors Doehle, Gay, McCormick, Miller, Wilkie and Alternate Director Nixon (Fernie) were opposed.

Staff will now be working to review the new information, and update the bylaws and staff reports with the goal of having them ready for the May 12 Committee and May 13 Board meetings. Among the areas the applicant had been requested to provide additional information on were: septic, road access, community wildfire protection plan, wildlife corridors, life cycle of costs development, and covenant accountability and management.

Should the Board give the Bylaws two readings in May, a public hearing would be scheduled for late May or early June.