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Galloway Lands Proposal Referred Back to Staff; Further Information Sought

A proposal to rezone property for subdivision in Electoral Area A adjacent to Fernie Alpine Resort has been referred back to staff.

Bylaws 3102 and 3103 would amend the Official Community Plan and zoning designation of multiple properties, known as the Galloway Lands, to permit future subdivision. 

“While the applicant has presented a detailed plan and offered a number of covenants to provide further reassurance with regard to the development, the Board felt it was premature to move forward to a public hearing without having additional information in several key areas, including road access, wildland and structural fire protection, water and septic, and wildlife corridors,” explains RDEK Board Chair Rob Gay.  The lifecycle cost of the development and management of the covenants were also raised as issues by the Board.

Rather than giving the proposed bylaws the first two readings and scheduling a public hearing, the Board moved to refer them back to staff to gather the requested information from the applicant.

“It is clear there is a great deal of interest in this proposal and our job as a Board is to keep an open mind and follow the process,” adds Gay. “Putting a pause on things now will give the proponent time to address these outstanding issues and provide the clarity we need to make a decision on the application.”

The timeline for when the proposal may come back before the Board is not yet known.