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RDEK Throws Its Support Behind Homelessness Initiative

Recognizing the regional impact poverty, homelessness, addiction and crime are having on communities, the RDEK Board of Directors has approved $85,000 for the City of Cranbrook to help fund a new poverty reduction initiative being considered by the City.

“There is no question that these challenges are having a major impact in our communities across the region and we want to demonstrate our support for the City and its proactive efforts,” says RDEK Vice Chair Susan Clovechok.  “The Board has agreed to provide one year’s funding in the hopes that a position will be approved that will make a positive impact for all our citizens.”

The City has proposed a new position that will work out of the City and will take a lead in all areas regarding homelessness. They will begin working on an outcomes-based approach to assess current programs and services in Cranbrook and identify any gaps in services for the homeless population in the City. The individual will also communicate with the Province to coordinate the required supports and solutions.

“While housing, health, and mental health services are all under the jurisdiction of the Province, our vulnerable populations are not being supported and our communities are all feeling the impacts of that,” adds Clovechok.  “We fully support the City of Cranbrook in leading this initiative and our hope is that this position will be approved and that it will lead to a meaningful difference, not only for those who are vulnerable and struggling, but for all of our citizens.”

The City of Cranbrook is expected to make a decision on the proposal at its March 27 meeting.   

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