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Moyie Water System Back to Regular Operations Following Leak Repair

A significant leak has been identified and isolated on the Moyie Water System and the system has resumed regular operations.

Yesterday, the RDEK asked all water system users to restrict their water use to essential purposes only as the water leak was so substantial, the pump was not able to re-fill the reservoir.

“We isolated various sections of the water system and were able to narrow down the source of the problem. Upon further investigation, we found and isolated a leaking curbstop and have determined that was the cause of the significant water loss we were seeing,” says Engineering Services Manager, Brian Funke.  “We would like to thank residents for their cooperation and understanding while we completed repairs.”

While users are able to return to their regular water use, the RDEK is urging residents to abide by the designated watering scheduled for the community water system, which includes watering from 6am-10am and 7pm-11pm for manual sprinkling and 3am-8am for automatic sprinklers as follows:

  • WEST OF TAVISTOCK on EVEN numbered days.
  • EAST OF TAVISTOCK on ODD numbered days.

As part of its ongoing efforts to monitor for leaks, the RDEK asks residents who hear the sound of rushing water or notice unexplained pooling water on the ground in the Moyie Water System Service Area, they are asked to report it to the RDEK’s Engineering Services Department.