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Near Miss Triggers Safety Reminder

A Fairmont couple took quick action to extinguish an appliance fire late this afternoon (July 8) that could have resulted in significant damage to their home.

“Members of the Fairmont Fire Department responded to a call in a basement carport and upon arrival found the homeowners, with assistance from a neighbour, had extinguished a fire that originated in the deep freeze” explains Columbia Valley Rural Fire & Rescue Service Deputy Chief Jon Tames. “While the husband took action with a fire extinguisher, the wife immediately called 9-1-1 and we were dispatched. This is a good example about the importance of doing basic fire extinguisher training and knowing how to properly use an extinguisher when every second counts.”

The fire was out when firefighters arrived; however, they did a thorough assessment to ensure things were fully extinguished and there was no other risk. In total, 6 Fairmont firefighters and 3 pieces of apparatus responded to the call. 

“This is also a good safety reminder for everyone to ensure large appliances are always plugged directly into a wall outlet as they require a stable power flow to function properly. When they are plugged into an extension cord, especially during these hot conditions, it dramatically increases the risk of damage to the appliance, or even fire.”