Order for Emergency In-Stream Works in Windermere Creek Extended

The RDEK will be continuing excavation and dredging in the lower reaches of Windermere Creek after the Province has granted an extension of the Order permitting the emergency in-stream works.

“We are grateful to the Province and Water Stewardship for granting the extension as we know the build-up of sediment is continuing to have an impact at the mouth of creek,” says Information Officer Loree Duczek.

As a result of the May 31 heavy rain event, the build up of sediment impeded the creek channel into Lake Windermere and resulted in the flooding of some low-lying properties between Victoria Avenue and the lake.  The emergency Order was granted on June 12 and excavation began immediately.

“While excavation work has slowed the build-up of sediment, we know that if we stop for any length of time, the sediment will continue to deposit while the creek remains active,” adds Duczek.

Excavation and hauling has been underway again all day today. Tomorrow, they will excavate for a few hours in the morning and the RDEK is hoping to not have to excavate Sunday; however, the crews are on standby and will be ready to resume excavation if required.  Regular excavation and hauling will resume on Monday morning.

The State of Local Emergency remains in place.

Regular community updates are being provided through the RDEK’s Windermere Email Group and on the Emergency Info page at http://www.rdek.bc.ca.