Precautionary Evacuation Alert Issued for Nine Properties in Cross River Area

A precautionary evacuation ALERT has been issued for 9 properties as the Cross River wildfire continues to burn.

“An evacuation alert informs residents of the threat of a potential or impending danger. It is intended to give people time to gather things and prepare themselves so that they are ready to go should the situation worsen and an Evacuation Order be issued,” explains Information Officer Loree Duczek. “We encourage people within the evacuation alert area to put together important papers (like insurance papers), medications, valuables, supplies for children and pets, and other important items so that in the event things progress and they are asked to evacuate, they are ready to go.”

The fire, which was sparked by lightning, is burning in the Cross River drainage in the Columbia Valley. It is being actioned by the BC Wildfire Service as a modified response fire and the latest information on the fire will be available on the interactive map from the BCWS website:

A map of the alert area is available on the RDEK’s website. The alert area affects two properties on the Cross River Forest Service Road and seven properties on Settlers Road and includes Nipika Mountain Resort.

The RDEK is hand delivering alert notices to the affected properties this morning and will continue to work with the BC Wildfire Service to keep residents informed.

“We need to stress that at this time we have only issued an alert and now is the time to take steps to be prepared.”

The hot, dry conditions are expected to continue across the region today, before a cold front moves in starting tomorrow. With that change in weather, there is a chance of strong winds, isolated thunderstorms with lightning.

An information line has been set up at 250-426-2188 or toll free 1-855-346-2188. For more information on the stages of evacuation and tips on how to prepare in the event of emergencies, visit

For the latest status of wildfires, visit