RDEK Fire Crews Respond to Second Grass Fire of the Day

Just hours after the RDEK issued a plea to residents to use extreme caution when doing outdoor burning, another grass fire broke out in the region.

The first fire of the day occurred near Jaffray, while this evening it was a crew from the Fairmont Fire Department that responded to an out of control grass fire near Columbia Ridge. “The fire appears to have been lit and left before escaping. When we arrived neighbours were working on the fire with hoses and rakes and did a good job of containing it,” says Columbia Valley Rural Fire & Rescue Chief Jim Miller. 

Miller and six other firefighters continued to work the burned area this evening ensuring hot spots were dealt with.

“There is no excuse for leaving a fire or for lighting a fire without taking the proper safety precautions,” stresses Miller. “This is yet another example where the fast action of neighbours and the quick response of our crews helped contain what could have been a much more serious situation.”