RDEK Initiates First Step in Creation of Closure Plan for Old Kimberley Landfill

The old Kimberley Landfill, located on land surrounding the present-day Transfer Station, was closed to public use several years ago; however, the site has not yet gone through a formal closure process.

While a formal closure is still not in the works, the RDEK is taking steps to create a formal plan, which would guide a future closure process. “We just hosted an open house in Kimberley to help raise awareness about the need for a closure plan so that we are prepared when the time comes to formally close that old site,” explains RDEK Environmental Services Manager Kevin Paterson. “We were also hoping to get some feedback from the public about potential future uses for the property once the closure has taken place.”

The Open House on October 29th was just the first step in a length process.  The RDEK is working with a consultant to draft a closure plan.  Once that plan has been prepared and approved by the RDEK Board, it will be submitted to the Ministry of Environment for review and approval or direction.  “That is where we are at today. Creating a plan that we can have ready and approved so that when we are ready to proceed with the closure, we’ve already completed the first big step in the process.”

Before any formal closure of the site could be undertaken, there would need to be further Ministry approvals, an engineered detailed design and closure plan, public consultation and project tender process.

“We are certainly not at that point currently,” stresses Paterson.  “Right now, we are focused on the planning and preparation stage.”

Anyone unable to attend the open house with ideas about future uses for the land can contact Paterson at the RDEK office at 250-489-2791.RDEK Initiates First Step in Creation of Closure Plan for Old Kimberley Landfill