RDEK Takes Over Ownership of Parr Utilities’ Assets

It was a full house Monday night as the RDEK and community came together to celebrate the purchase of Parr Utilities’ assets and a major step forward for the Windermere Treated Water project.

“This is such a pivotal milestone for the community and the team that has worked on this project for so many years,” says Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth. “Today is the result of lots of creativity, patience and hard work. I want to thank everyone who has been part of this journey from the community and the members of our Utility Advisory Commissions who’ve helped guide this project, to the RDEK staff, Parr Utilities, and various government agencies who had a role in getting us to today.”

The finalization of the purchase of Parr Utilities’ Assets is a critical piece in the effort to bring treated water to the community of Windermere, which has been under a Water Quality Advisory since 2006; however, there is still much work to be done.  

In addition, the project includes the construction of approximately 1.5km of watermain to connect the Windermere townsite water system to the water treatment plant, construction of a pressure management station, upgrades to approximately 1km of the existing water distribution system and installation of new fire hydrants.  Construction is expected to begin in spring of 2019.

Once complete, the project will eliminate the Water Quality Advisory and bring treated water that meets Interior Health standards to the Windermere townsite area while providing improved fire-flow capacity. 

Funding for the $12,210,000 project includes $7.2 million from the Federal Gas Tax Fund. The remainder of the project costs will be covered by reserve funds and borrowing.

The RDEK’s ownership of the water treatment plant results in a publicly owned facility capable of serving treated water to the east side of Lake Windermere. Once Windermere is connected, the East Side Lake Windermere Water Service Area will be the RDEK’s largest water utility.

The water treatment plant building was part of the purchase agreement and the RDEK is now preparing to move its Columbia Valley office to that building.  The Columbia Valley office is currently housed in the BC Hydro building in Athalmer, and will be closed October 18 and 19 for the move.  The office will re-open in the new location at 1164 Windermere Loop Road on Monday, October 22, 2018.