Recreationalists Urged to Use Caution - Fallen Tree in Columbia River

Anyone planning a float, kayak or tube down the Columbia River is being advised of a potential safety hazard after a tree fell into the river this afternoon.

“There is a large tree blocking the main channel on the Columbia River near the 14th fairway on Riverside Golf course between the highway bridge and railway bridge,” says Information Officer Loree Duczek. “We know this is a popular spot for people to tube and float and want to get the word out so people are aware of the potential hazard.”

Danger signs have been posted at some of the common put-in points and posted on social media.

The recent rains and debris flows, combined with freshet conditions could result in other waterways being impacted by falling trees or other debris and recreationalists are urged to know the route before they go and use extra caution on all waterways.