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Residents Reminded of Changes to East Side Lake Windermere Watering Schedule

As the Canada Day long weekend approaches, the RDEK is reminding East Side Water System users that there is no watering of lawns and gardens over the long weekend.

“Outdoor watering accounts for the largest water use, and on the East Side Water System, the July and August long weekends are the two times of the year where we see peak demand being placed on the system,” says RDEK Utilities Superintendent Tom Altmann.  “As a result, we have updated our watering hours for 2022 and are asking residents to adjust their watering habits and sprinklers to abide by the new guidelines.”

Watering hours the East Side Water system for manual sprinklers are 6am-10am or 7pm-11pm. For automatic sprinklers, the hours are 3am-8am. Even numbered addresses may water on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, while odd numbered addresses can water Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. In addition to “No Watering Fridays,” there will be no watering Friday through Monday on the long weekends: July 1-July 4 and July 29-August 1. 

The East Side Water Service Area includes the communities of Windermere, Timber Ridge, Timber Heights, Baltac, Akiskinook, Calberley Beach, Swansea, Pedley Heights, Copper Point Resort and East Side.

“Having set watering hours controls costs, conserves water and creates balance in the system demand. They are in place for the benefit of the entire community,” adds Altmann. The RDEK has set watering hours on all of its water systems. 

For more information or to print out a copy of the watering guidelines for your community, visit the Engineering Department page on www.rdek.bc.ca.