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Elk Valley and South Country Firefighters Practice Rural Water Shuttling

Members of our Elk Valley and South Country Fire Departments will be participating in their annual “moving big water” training exercise Thursday evening. 

“This exercise tests our ability to shuttle water with our water tenders and gives our team an excellent opportunity to work together to practice this unique aspect of rural firefighting ,” says Elk Valley and South Country Rural Fire & Rescue Service Deputy Chief, Ben Goertzen. “Living in the rural areas we do, we don’t always have the ability to hook up to a fire hydrant and the process to fill our tenders with water from an alternate source has several complicated, moving parts. This exercise is an excellent opportunity for us to work together to ensure we are as effective and efficient as possible.”

The exercise will take place the evening of Thursday, June 13 between Caithness and the Elko Airport.

Residents and travellers in the area can expect to see fire trucks and apparatus along with flashing lights in this corridor throughout the evening.