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Scheduled Water Service Interruption Tuesday on Holland Creek Water System 

Residents in the Lakeview Meadows area will be without water for much of the day Tuesday due to scheduled repairs.

“The Holland Creek Water System gets its water from the Kinbasket Water and Sewer Company,” explains RDEK Engineering Services Manager Brian Funke. “There are a number of valves within their system that are being replaced along Arrow Road on Tuesday, which will require them to shut down a large portion of their system. That shutdown will also affect our Holland Creek system.”

The water service outage on the Holland Creek Water System is expected to begin at 8am and it could take up to eight hours before service is restored.  “We are encouraging residents within Lakeview Meadows / Holland Creek to store some water Monday night that they can use for things like cooking, dishes and flushing during the outage,” adds Funke. 

This is the second water service interruption for residents in the past five weeks due to repairs on the KWSC’s water system.  During the scheduled work on Tuesday, they will be installing an isolation valve, which will allow them to shut down the Arrow Road location without affecting the RDEK’s water system.

As a result of the shutdown and repair work, there will be a Boil Water Notice in effect for the Holland Creek Water System once water service is restored on Tuesday. It will remain in effect until the required lab results are confirmed, which is expected to take several days.

The RDEK will notify residents once the Boil Water Notice has been lifted via posters at the Lakeview Meadows Rec Centre, the community email group and on its website. 

“We would like to thank residents for their patience and understanding as these required repairs are completed,” adds Funke.