South Country Fire Departments Respond to House Fire in Rosen Lake Area

A residential house fire in the Rosen Lake area was extinguished by firefighters last night.

“The crews did an excellent job of getting on the fire and were able to keep it confined to the one room of origin. The homeowner had closed the door to the room and his quick thinking also made a big difference in the outcome of the call,” says Elk Valley & South Country Rural Fire & Rescue Chief Dave Boreen.  “Once the fire was out, the crew worked on ventilating the structure to lessen the effects of smoke damage.”

The occupants were home at the time of the fire and were able to escape with no injuries.

In total, 18 firefighters responded from the Jaffray, Elko and Baynes Lake Fire Departments responded to the call on Legion Road at 7:45 pm.

The fire broke out when a rechargeable battery that was being charged malfunctioned and ignited. “This is a good reminder that although malfunctions like this are rare, it’s important to always take safety precautions when recharging portable devices,” adds Boreen.

Although there was some damage in one bedroom of the home and smoke throughout, the rest of the house was not impacted by the fire.