Swift Response by Fire Crews Keeps Blaze Contained

Members of the Fairmont Fire and Windermere Fire Departments responded to a fire in Fairmont overnight.

Twelve firefighters and a tender truck from Windermere responded to the blaze on Wills Road. “When we arrived, we found one area of the home engulfed,” explains Columbia Valley Rural Fire & Rescue Service Chief, Jim Miller. “Our efforts focused on keeping the fire isolated in that area to protect the rest of the home and prevent further loss.”

The fire was contained to the north side of the home in the roof area and although it sustained major damage, the house was saved.  Just after 3:00 am, the scene was turned over to on-site security to monitor and at 5:30am, firefighters returned as one of the hot spots flared up. Crews have now left the scene.

There were no injuries and the residents, who were renting, are staying with friends.

“The crew did a great job and their efforts helped prevent this fire from having a much larger impact,” adds Miller.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined; however, it is not suspicious in nature. Miller expects to be on site today to begin the investigation.