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Vandals Damage Windermere Beach Facilities

The RDEK is once again asking residents to keep their eyes open and to contact the RCMP with any information following an act of vandalism at Windermere Beach over the weekend.

“We have experienced ongoing vandalism at Windermere Beach in our bathroom facilities, which this past weekend included damage done to soap dispensers, garbage cans, and an automated external defibrillator (AED) box,” says Recreation Services Superintendent Colin Peet. “The AED had been utilized on Saturday and we were in the process of replacing the pads on the unit, so luckily, the machine itself was not damaged. This persistent issue is not only costly but could have been potentially dangerous if that life-saving equipment had been affected.”

The RDEK has reported the damage to the RCMP and encourages anyone who has any information on who is responsible for these acts of vandalism, to report it.

Windermere Beach is located at the end of Selkirk Street in the community of Windermere and features a large beach and swimming area, playground, and picnic area.

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