Volunteers of the Year Recognized by the RDEK

Two of the RDEK’s 2019 Electoral Area Volunteers of the Year were formally announced this week as the RDEK’s Volunteer Celebrations and Town Hall Meetings continue around the region.

Pat Gilmar was recognized as the Area A Volunteer of the Year after devoting over 30 years to the development, improvement and expansion the community trail network in the Fernie area.  “Pat’s contribution to the recreation culture in our area is astounding and it is an honour to be able to acknowledge his tireless volunteerism,” says RDEK Electoral Area A Director Mike Sosnowski.

For the last several years, Gilmar has spent hours cutting, grooming, and improving the most recent Fernie trails in the Montane area, including the popular adaptive trail.  Gilmar’s passion an dedication can be seen in many ways, whether he is cutting new trails, grooming cross country ski trails, building boardwalks or bridges, or flagging new routes.

Gilmar was formally recognized and presented with a gift of appreciation at the Area A Town Hall Meeting Wednesday night. In addition to the Volunteer of the Year celebration, attendees to the Town Hall Meeting heard presentations from Director Sosnowski and RDEK staff on the Five-Year Financial Plan, Solid Waste Management Plan Review, FireSmart, Hosmer Fire, and Elk River Floodplain Mapping.

On Thursday night, the Area B Volunteer of the Year celebration and Town Hall Meeting was held in Jaffray and Lloyd Taylor was honoured as the 2019 Area B Volunteer of the Year.

“Lloyd is an outstanding, committed community volunteer and it is will be hard to summarize his contributions.  He is respected for his kindness, leadership abilities and talent. From being a mentor for youth through Boy Scouts to his work with seniors, Lloyd’s generosity has touched every corner of this community,” says RDEK Electoral Area B Director Stan Doehle.

Taylor is the President of the Board of Directors of Sand Creek Seniors Housing Society and a long-time member of the Sand Creek Lions Club where he has served as Club President several times over the years.  He was instrumental in bringing Boy Scouts to the community many years ago, is a member of the Sand Creek Cemetery Committee and played a key role in the History Book Committee.  In addition, he donates his time to many carpentry projects in the area that have benefitted the United Church, Galloway Curling Rink, Jaffray Community Hall, Seniors Complex, Sand Creek Seniors Hall and more.

Following the Area B Volunteer of the Year celebration, the Town Hall meeting included a Director’s Report from Area B Director Stan Doehle and presentations on the Five-Year Financial Plan, Solid Waste Management Plan Review, FireSmart and South Country Fire Departments.

The RDEK will be hosting three more Town Hall Meetings and Volunteer Celebrations in Electoral Areas C, F and G over the next several weeks. For a list of upcoming meeting dates and times, visit http://www.rdek.bc.ca.