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Wasa Recreation Contribution Service Elector Assent Process Preliminary Results

The RDEK has announced the preliminary results of the proposed Wasa Recreation Contribution Service Elector Assent Process.

“Through the Alternative Approval Process, we would have had to receive a total of 71 forms in opposition of the proposed service in order for it not to proceed,” says RDEK Corporate Officer Tina Hlushak. “At the end of the submission period, we received a total of 22 forms, and as a result, the RDEK will be moving forward with establishing a Wasa Recreation Contribution Service.”

The Alternative Approval Process results will officially be reported to the RDEK Board on December 3, 2021 where Bylaw No. 3068 – Wasa Recreation Contribution Service Establishment Bylaw will be presented for final adoption.

Following the Board Meeting, the RDEK will notify BC Assessment and the Ministry before bringing the Parcel Tax Bylaw to the RDEK Board for three readings in January.  At the same time, the RDEK will begin working on the required agreements with the Wasa Recreation Society.

Property owners within the new Service Area will be charged a parcel tax of up to $45/year, which would generate up to $28,800 per year to be directed to the Wasa Recreation Society for the operation and maintenance of several community facilities and amenities. Taxation will be included in the 2022 Property Tax Statement.


Additional information about the elector assent process and new service are available on https://engage.rdek.bc.ca/wasarecreation or through the RDEK’s Cranbrook office.