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Wasa Recreation Contribution Service to go to Elector Assent Process 

The RDEK Board has given three readings to the Wasa Recreation Contribution Service Establishment Bylaw and submitted it to the Province. If the required Ministry approvals are received, an elector assent process will be held in the next few months.  

The idea for the proposed service was brought forward to the RDEK by the Wasa Recreation Society and Wasa & District Lions Club, who are concerned that maintaining the required level of volunteerism and fundraising needed to support several community assets is unsustainable. 

If it receives the required support of electors, the new service would provide an annual grant to the Wasa Recreation Society for operation and maintenance costs of community amenities including, but not limited to, a community hall, outdoor kitchen area, tennis courts, outdoor ice arena, public washroom facility, softball fields, Wasa Lions Trail and playground.

When the proposed bylaw receives the Ministry’s approval, the RDEK will be providing detailed public information about the Service and Alternative Approval Process, likely in September.  

More information will be provided in the coming weeks once the required approvals are in place and the elector assent process can move forward.