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Water Quality Advisory Issued for Edgewater Water System

Effective today, Friday, May 17, 2024 a Water Quality Advisory has been issued for the Edgewater Water System. 

“The onset of the warmer weather this week has kicked off the annual spring freshet and the melting of some of the higher elevation snow. This melt causes water levels in area waterways to rise and the water often becomes cloudier as increased sediment and debris get picked up. These particles in the water are referred to as turbidity and can have an impact on water disinfection and treatment,” says RDEK General Manager of Engineering and Environmental Services, Kevin Paterson. “As we often do at this time of year, we are seeing rising turbidity levels on our Edgewater Water System and, as a result, have issued a Water Quality Advisory effective today.” 

The RDEK and Interior Health recommend that children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, and anyone seeking additional protection drink boiled water or a safe alternative until further notice. For these at-risk populations, water intended for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, making beverages or ice, or brushing teeth should be boiled at a rolling boil for one minute.

The Water Quality Advisory will remain in effect until the conditions and water quality improves. 

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