Wind Driven Grassfire in Hosmer Quickly Contained

Members of the Hosmer Fire Department responded to a quickly spreading grass fire in the Hosmer area this afternoon.
“When we arrived on scene, the fire had spread from a burn pit into the grass and was being driven by strong winds.  Our crew did an excellent job of getting it contained before it spread any futher,” says Elk Valley & South Country Rural Fire & Rescue Services Chief Dave Boreen.  

A total of six firefighters responded to the call and no structures were impacted by the fire.
While open burning is permitted at this time, Boreen says today is a reminder of how quickly things can change and why it’s essential to have every safety precaution in place. “Conditions are very dry right now. Before doing any burning, people should check with the BC Wildfire Service ensure there are no restrictions in place; monitor the weather and avoid burning if there is wind in the forecast; have a good water source and the proper tools on hand; monitor the fire at all times, ensuring it is not left unattended; and, fully extinguish it so that it is cool to touch before leaving the site.”
The fire is estimated to be .18 hectares in size. While it is contained, crews remain on scene this afternoon putting a guard around the fire’s perimeter