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Windermere Beach Facilities Damaged by Vandals

Windermere Beach Facilities Damaged by Vandals

The RDEK is asking residents to keep their eyes open and to contact them or the RCMP with any information following another rash of vandalism at Windermere Beach. Over the weekend, vandals spray-painted graffiti in multiple locations on the public washroom facilities.

“It is incredibly disappointing to see this type of defacement happening again,” says Environmental Services Manager Kevin Paterson. “We experienced extensive damage to these facilities last year that was not only costly but led to restricted access to the public for several weeks. We had hoped that that was an isolated occurrence, but it appears to be a persistent issue.”

The RDEK has reported the damage to the RCMP and encourages anyone who has any information on who is responsible for these acts of vandalism, to report it.

Windermere Beach is located at the end of Selkirk Street in the community of Windermere and features a large beach and swimming area, playground and picnic area.

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