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Roberta Schnider

Roberta Schnider - Electoral Area G Director

Phone: 250-688-0314

Email: [email protected]

Roberta Schnider was elected as Electoral Area G Director in October of 2022. Area G includes the communities of Spillimacheen, Brisco, Spur Valley, Edgewater, and Dry Gulch.

  • RDEK Board of Directors
  • Electoral Area Services
  • Governance & Regional Services
  • Planning & Development Services
Area G Services
  • Broadband Backbone - Fibre optic backbone running from just north of Canal Flats up to Spillimacheen and to Panorama Mountain Village – leased to private companies.
  • Building and Plumbing Inspection - Enforcement of BC Building and Plumbing Codes including issuance of permits and inspections; solid fuel burning appliances; moving permits; demolition permits; mobile home placements.
  • Cemeteries – Brisco, contribution to Brisco Recreation Commission (combined service with community halls).
  • Columbia Basin Trust - Administration of ReDi Program.
  • Community Halls – Brisco (Funding to Brisco Recreation Commission for community hall and cemetery), Wilmer (Funding to Wilmer Community Club for operation and maintenance of community amenities including a community hall, parks, and playground).
  • Conservation – Local Conservation Fund, Columbia Valley.
  • Discretionary Grants-in-Aid - Grants to registered non-profit organizations that benefit the communities.
  • Dog Control – Columbia Valley, includes regulation of kennels.
  • E9-1-1 - E9-1-1 service provided by Central Okanagan Regional District. Fire Dispatch Service provided by Kelowna Fire Department.
  • Electoral Area Administration - Operations affecting Electoral Areas only, including GIS service, Compliance Officer and elections.
  • Emergency Management Programs – Columbia Valley.
  • Financial Administration - Administration of all RDEK financial affairs.
  • Fire and Rescue Services – Brownsville (service provided by Village of Radium Hot Springs), Edgewater and Spur Valley, Invermere Rural (Juniper Heights, Upper Toby Benches, etc. – service provided by District of Invermere), Radium Golf Resort & Dry Gulch (service provided by Village of Radium Hot Springs), Wilmer/Lower Toby Benches (service provided by District of Invermere).
  • Fireworks Regulation - Current regulations are to restrict the sale and disposal of fireworks when there is an open fire ban.
  • Floodplain Management - Administration of floodplain regulations.
  • General Administration
  • House Numbering - Numbering of buildings - fees are charged to assign and reassign numbers.
  • Invasive plant control enforcement program.
  • Land Use Planning & Zoning - Electoral Area land use planning and development management under part 14 of the LGA.
  • Libraries – Public Libraries Grants in Aid Grants to municipal libraries, public libraries, and community reading centres.
  • Noise Control Regulation
  • Parks and trails – Wilmer Community Park, Edgewater School Path.
  • Recreation - Columbia Valley: Frank Schnider Memorial Rink - (funding to Edgewater Recreation Commission), Columbia Valley Centre - (funding to Invermere), Columbia Lake Recreation Centre - (funding to Akisq’nuk), Lake Windermere Whiteway – (funding to Toby Creek Nordic Club), Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena Canal Flats Arena (funding to Village of Canal Flats). Edgewater: Funding to Edgewater Recreation Commission for community hall, ball park, outdoor arena, community building.
  • Regional Parks – Old Coach Greenway
  • Regulation of nuisance & unsightly premises.
  • Septage Disposal – Columbia Valley (portions of Area F not serviced by community service system) Funds borrowed to add septage disposal capability to the Kinbasket Sewer system – they recover operating costs through fees.
  • Sewer Systems – Edgewater – collection and disposal system.
  • Solid Waste Management – Columbia Valley Subregion.
  • Special Events, Control of - Organizers of events at which more than 500 people are expected to attend must have a special events license issued by the RDEK.
  • Street Lighting – Wilmer
  • Transit – Columbia Valley
  • Treaty Advisory Committee - Administration of Treaty Advisory Committee – membership includes all RDEK municipalities and electoral areas and portions of the RDCK and RDKB.
  • Water Systems – East Side Lake Windermere Water (supply, treatment and distribution), Holland Creek (distribution system only, supply and treatment provided by Kinbasket Water & Sewer Company), Elk Park Ranch, Spur Valley (supply, treatment and distribution).

For an overview of Electoral Area F, click HERE.

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