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The following document is a list of all the services provided by the Regional District of East Kootenay:

The table headings are described as:

  • Participants - Jurisdictions paying for the service – where the participant is shown as “service area” it means that it is a specific community or portion of an electoral area that is paying; therefore, no cost sharing is involved.
  • Cost Sharing - Basis used to calculate how much each participant pays to cover the annual operating and capital costs.
  • Cost Recovery - Type of taxation or other charges used to pay for the service.
  • Requisition Limit - The maximum amount that can be taxed each year for the service – this does not include the amount that can be charged by fees

**This information is for convenience only.  Reference should be made to the relevant bylaws.  The tables are not a substitute for the bylaws.

Below is a list of most of our RDEK Services. Clicking on the service will take you to the page associated with that service.

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